What is braille?

Braille is a tactile typographic representation of the latin writing system. The Unified English Braille Code (UEB) recognizes two standard "Grades" of braille and a few additional sets for mathematics, coding, and music. The standard grades are built upon repeating cells of up to six raised dots. Each cell is either a glyph or modifier that changes how following cells are read.

The beginning of one's braille journey starts at Grade 1, consisting of alphanumerics, punctuation, few common words, and limited modifiers. Grade 2 introduces more of these modifiers in the form of "contractions".

Who created Braille?

[Some believe that its design was intended to reduce confusion by ensuring a mix of sparse and dense cells. A common criticism of its early, American emulation was that pairing the number of dots to frequency made reading more difficult as sparse cells were all too common.]

Has accessability technology deprecated braille?

init. thoughts: text-to-speech(TTS) and speech-to-text(STT) not good for math etc. not great for writing privately/discretely. etc. so much more

On braille literacy rates?

they are astronomically low

Where can I learn more?

not too sure yet...

Idk? Need more

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